Cognitive Balance is now offering the new NeurOptimal® version 3!

About Us

Maria (Mia) Ferrara

After suffering from severe stress over the past ten years, I found NeurOptimal® has changed my life. Being highly motivated and a person who loves to help and inspire others, I have decided to bring this system to the Niagara Region so I can share this life changing technology with others.

After ten years of dealing with serious health concerns with both my children and myself, I found I lost my zest for life. I slept long hours but still felt exhausted, my memory was poor, I was constantly angry, impatient, overwhelmed and suffered from anxiety. After training with NeurOptimal®, my sleep patterns and memory improved along with heightened mental clarity and cognitive performance. My anger and anxiety was gone and I became more resilient to stress. It changed my life and I feel alive again!

I am now privileged to be able to offer NeurOptimal® to clients and be a part of their transformation. I have witnessed people overcome a variety of concerns and I get great satisfaction to witness people feeling happy and with a sense of clarity for the first time in a long time. Seeing their lives transform and knowing that I was able to be a part of it is amazing! 

For the past 31 years of my career, I have been helping people behind the scenes as a lab technologist. Now I am excited to continue the journey of helping people with a renewed sense of purpose as a certified NeurOptimal®  trainer.

If you are struggling with any of the following: performance anxiety, stress management,  sleep, mental acuity, self-esteem, sports anxiety, decreased focus or you just want training for personal enrichment, then lets connect!