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Notice about changes to our service due to COVID-19

Where we previously saw clients at one of our locations in Fonthill, we are now going mobile! We’re offering services within your home to help mitigate the risk to you and your family, and keep everyone safe and healthy while receiving your brain training.

Transform Your Work Life

How would increased mental acuity and focus impact your daily work life? Would it improve your productivity and help you to be more engaged? Have Cognitive Balance help you and your colleagues boost your brain to achieve performance results. 

Transform Your Education and Sports Training

Youth and young adults today have increased pressure to perform, in the classroom or on the field. With non-invasive Neurofeedback training, Cognitive Balance can help them manage sleep, stress and enhance focus.

Transform Your Personal Wellness Program

Like you would train your body, you too need to train your brain in order to achieve optimal wellness. Cognitive Balance can help you integrate Neurofeedback training into your life to achieve your wellness goals.

Transform Your Pet’s Behaviour

You’re not the only one who can benefit from brain training. See positive change in your pet’s behaviour, relaxation and obedience with Cognitive Balance Neurofeedback training. 

Tell me more about brain training

When you want to transform your body, you would go see a personal trainer, but where do you go when you want to transform your brain?

You’ve come to the right place!

Using leading edge technology developed in 2000 by two clinical psychologists, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a non-invasive wellness system that does not manipulate the brain in any way, but rather gives your brain the opportunity to reach its full potential.

How you ask?

Neurofeedback offers feedback to the brain, generated by your own brain patterns. This means that over time, your brain will teach itself how to reorganize more efficiently for optimal performance. (Let’s get technical)


Wondering how you’ll know that your brain training is effective?

Each brain is unique, and so each person’s result are equally different. You may start brain training with the goal to increase your focus, and realize that your sleep habits are better and you’re feeling calmer and more confident after a few sessions. The increased focus may come with continued training.

Just like any transformation, brain training takes time and commitment. While we recommend about 10 sessions initially to see the best results, everyone’s different and your ongoing assessments throughout the training will help us to see what’s needed. Follow-ups are recommended to refresh you each year, and we love seeing the continued benefits in our clients as months and years pass by.

About Mia

After suffering from severe stress over the past ten years, I found neurofeedback has changed my life. Being highly motivated and a person who loves to help and inspire others, I decided to bring this system to the Niagara Region so I can share this life changing technology with others.

After ten years of dealing with serious health concerns with both my children and myself, I found I lost my zest for life. I slept long hours but still felt exhausted, my memory was poor, I was constantly angry, impatient, overwhelmed and suffered from anxiety. After training with neurofeedback, my sleep patterns and memory improved along with heightened mental clarity and cognitive performance. My anger and anxiety was gone and I became more resilient to stress.

I am privileged to be able to offer NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to clients and be a part of their transformation. I have witnessed people overcome a variety of concerns and I get great satisfaction seeing my clients feeling happy and with a sense of clarity they were missing. Seeing their lives transform and knowing that I was able to be a part of it is amazing!

After 31-years as a medical laboratory technologist, I have always sought out traditional treatment methods. After trying a variety of traditional treatments, I was losing hope with nothing helping with my stress and anxiety. I found NeurOptimal® neurofeedback after it was referred to me by a psychologist who utilized this technology in his trauma clinic; it was unique and different from all the rest. It was training for the brain and not a treatment. I was apprehensive at first, but after trying traditional ways of dealing with my stress and anxiety, I needed relief and wanted desperately to engage back into life and not just exist. It gave me my life back – I feel alive again!

I am excited to continue the journey of helping people with a renewed sense of purpose as a certified NeurOptimal® trainer.

I look forward to helping you train your brain and transform your life.

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